Cidco Valley Shilp – Kharghar Project

valley-shilp-cidcoCidco Valley Shilp a premier housing scheme at sector 36 in Kharghar node of Navi Mumbai for MIG and HIG category.

Kharghar is a node of Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. It is developed and taken care of by CIDCO. Kharghar is located on the Sion Panvel Highway at a less than one hour travel from the heart of Mumbai city. The area began developing in 1995 and now has a number of ready and under-construction housing projects both in the commercial and residential sectors. Kharghar is reported to be the third most developed node of Navi Mumbai after Vashi and Nerul.

…short about ValleyShilp :

The ” Cidco Value Shilp ” with scenic surrounding is located just ten min walking distance from proposed metro station.

Sr No Category of Housing Total No of apartments Type of houses Built-up area (Sqft) Carpet area (Sq Ft) Booking Amount Total Cost of the apartments
1 MIG 802 2BHK + Balcony + Parking 1015.50 + 45.19 (Approx) 613 + 45.19 Balcony 5 Lakh 49 to 60 Lakh
2 HIG 422 3BHK + Balcony + Servant Room + Parking 1515.76 + 53.07 (Approx) 1028.18 + 53.07 Balcony 10 Lakh 96 lakh to 1.07 Crore

The housing scheme booklet will be available for sale from 16 January 2014. The price of booklet will be Rs. 500 (+MVAT) each. Cidco will not accept the applications received by courier or post.

63 thoughts on “Cidco Valley Shilp – Kharghar Project

  1. the pricing is on the higher side and against the objectives for which cidco was formed. it appears that the price of these flats have been fixed under pressure/ influence of private builders or developers. it is a scam in it self. further definition of mig/ hig group people is also not justified. in fact person with an income of rs 1.25 lakh per month should also come under mig category only. board of directors of cidco should ponder over the issue.

    • You are right Mr Surendra , the price is really at higher side. Even I was waiting to know the price of this project since a year. I was expecting it to be between Rs. 3500 to 4000 per square feet. I inquired with some other private builders in Kharghar but they are charging More than Rs. 6500 per square feet and additionally we have to pay for development charges, parking charges , club house etc. So 2 BHK almost touch Rs. 1 cr in a good complex. What I heard and read in newspapers is that , the price mentioned above for valleyshilp is all inclusive and also CIDCO will manage the site for 2 years. Whereas private builders are charging Rs. 3 to 4 per sq ft maintenance which we have to give in advance at the time of possession. Even if the price is at higher side , I think it is 40% less compare to private builders. The importance issue is with the quality. I have seen other projects constructed by Shirke for CIDCO like Ulwe Unnati, Vastu Vihar Kharghar etc, The quality is not good according to me. The news paper says , sample flat is ready, I don’t know when CIDCO will allow us to visit the site to have a look at the sample flat. It will be great if get a chance to look at it before we apply for home there because this time the deposit amount is almost 10% of property. I am also concern about the pollution and smell come from the chemical companies in Taloja MIDC. I hope the blogger write his views about this issue. Thank and Have a nice day.

      • Please consider below as well that CIDCO will maintain the site for 2 years but not for free, buyers have to pay the additional cost of Rs. 94,147/- for it Also need to pay for Electric connection Rs 22,000/- and water connection Rs. 5000/- approx.. (Total 1,21,147/-) it goes to monthly maintenance of Rs 3.82/- per Sq Ft. Construction Quality is not good and heavy chances of bad smell from nearby chemical industries. The building spacing is at very minimum level and the balcony is for very few flats of MIG.

  2. HI,
    I visited the site and seen the sample flats. 2BHK is very small. Open kicthen. No privacy and small bedrooms. 3bhk is reasonably sized. again open kitchen. So visitors and neighbors can see you cook and eat. for a price of 1 cr , its pretty expensive

    • Thank you Mr Sanket for the information. I am also planning to visit the site. Can you let me know if we can go directly there or need to wait for the booklet distribution start.

      • Yes, you can visit the site. Sample flat is constructed near the main gate. You can ask the security to open it for you. As for the rent, 2 bhk in that area is 6000- rs and 3bhk might go for 10k. Since transport is not available. you will have to depend on your conveyance.

    • Yes, I think loading is more than what CIDCO claims…rooms are very small…buildings are very close to each other..its in jungle..very isolated area…not worthful!

  3. cidco should also come out with sale proposal of unsold flats at Celebrations & vastu-vihar complex of kharghar. For shilp valley, they have put some domicile restrictions too, it is understood. They are yet to put up booklet for shilp valley in english on the website.

  4. Great project and its location but I wont be able to buy 2BHK flats here in this housing scheme of CIDCO though I am eligible to apply. My family income (me and my spouse) is around 60 thousand per month but the loan eligibility is not more than 25 lakh. It is very difficult to arrange 35 Lakh more. I dont know why the prices of CIDCO are almost same as private builders. I dont think my dream of living in my own house in Kharghar will come true.

  5. i visited the site and saw sample flats which are too small to live with more than 40% loading. open kitchen and small one balcony to living room. Also its location is very nearby taloja jail .One can smell chemicals and pollution is very high. Too pricy against the principles of cidco and government. Its difficult to think for buying.

    • 3BHK flats have a little less loading as compared to 2BHK flats. 3BHK is not just 3BHK , it is 3BHK + servant room (which is like 1 more bedroom) + 2 car parkings.

  6. Dear Experts… in case i purchase this flat and let it on rent…. how much rent/month is expected?? Can some expert comment or provide guidance on this…..

    • I think it is going to be difficult to rent out this property initially as sector 34/35 are full of new constructions and there are very few people staying over there. There are infrastructural issues and the place is very far from Kharghar station. Even if you are able to rent out, immediate rent will be around Rupees 9000/- to 10000/- per month

      • I personally went there and have checked the rates & the occupancy in the surrounding areas. The surrounding areas i.e. sector 34/35 have a occupancy rate of around 50% only hence it wont be that easy to let it out on rent. The rates in these areas vary from 6.5 k to 7.5 k depending on the builder and the amenities provided. About Transportation: Bus No 54 runs from Kharghar station to Taloja (frequency is every 5 to 10 minutes) passes from very near of the construction site. Shared vehciles also travel the same route.

        • thanks all for inputs. Howver In that case, Monthly maint. expenses to the tune of 3-3.5K for 2 BHK and rental income about 6-8K. Is it worth it? What level of resale value / appreciation expected within 3 years?

  7. If one applies, and gets allotted, what if the allotee then doesn’t want to buy the flat? What are the rules got not accepting it?

  8. Dear experts,
    Whether 3 BHK flat is worth to purchase compare to other private builder since site is not accessible from railway station and also rental value is less.

  9. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing issues with your website. It appears as though some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thank you

  10. 2 bhk Flats are realyy too small as compare and having open kitchen.. i have seen sample flate.. but seems to bit expensive if we consider location.. its far from station atleast 15 mins by rik.. dont even think to walk to that area.. too long.. a side village not developed at all… hop in future when metro will run… it will definitely benefit who is gonna invest… if any1 isplanning jus to invest it for 2-3 years more.. please go ahead its good investment plan.. in budget

  11. Please consider below as well that CIDCO will maintain the site for 2 years but not for free, buyers have to pay the additional cost of Rs. 94,147/- for it Also need to pay for Electric connection Rs 22,000/- and water connection Rs. 5000/- approx.. (Total 1,21,147/-) it goes to monthly maintenance of Rs 3.82/- per Sq Ft. Construction Quality is not good and heavy chances of bad smell from nearby chemical industries. The building spacing is at very minimum level and the balcony is for very few flats of MIG..

  12. Yes I visited the site today & saw the sample flats. The sample flats are good. The demerit is the open kitchen in both the 2 BHK and 3 BHK. The rates we feel on higher side as we are expecting Cidco rates as usual, however one need to understand the scheme is diff than earlier Cidco scheme. With the time things are changing and the Quality has to be improved. The amenities and the construction quality is much better than earlier Cidco schemes. The designs are improved and there is lot of space saving in the plan layout of flats. Particularly the nich in the bedrooms can be utilized for wardrobes as shown in sample flats. The very important thing they are charging on Builtup. All the Private builders charge you on super built up. So there is never a clarity on the actual carpet to super built up loading ratio. Secondly you have 2 car parkings free for 3 BHK and 1 car parking for 2 BHK. Also the club house charges are high.
    Investor should keep in mind the destination is long term appreciable property as the other infrastructures will take time. As per my vision the metro, the Airport and already Golf ground, Huge Central Park are the key points of the appreciation and the growth will be irremarkable for Investors with passions on time. Regards Shrikant Wagh.

  13. The scheme is nothing but an eyewash! It is very apparent that prices of flats have been tailor made to suit Builder lobby of Navi Mumbai, whose economic equation is well known with a regional political party who is controlling CIDCO. Why CIDCO took so much time to fix prices of flats in the scheme. It was a case of “fixing” price with vested interests in Navi Mumbai realty scenario.
    CIDCO should have come out with much better and competitive scheme to stabilize realty rates in Navi Mumbai, which are already skyrocketed by Builder lobby of Navi Mumbai.
    No doubt, CIDCO has become a toy in hands of politicians and builders in Navi Mumbai.

  14. I am intrested for buying 2 BHK flat .as i belog s to HIG.
    Please advice how to do the booking for getting flats MIG

  15. I have seen the sample flats, they are just ok, nothing great. For Cidco standards the carpet area is not much, they also have started loading like pvt builders. The cost should have been little less. It is too close to the Jail! God save the people who get the Jail View! Also there is chemical pollution from industries closeby, as I live nearby to this area. All in all not a grat project by Cidco.

  16. I understand that most of the working MIG and HIG buyers have found this proposal highly unattractive (connectivity, proposed development in near future is a big qustion mark etc) As a result very few brochures / application forms are sold out.

  17. I am very concerned about a Jail In the vicinity, it may not be risk due to adequate security measures by the authorities, however the property prices may not see any real appreciation and it will be difficult to get buyers for resale. That is a problem because most of us are looking forward to make a good return.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  18. OK, so I visited the Valley Shilp Sample flat, 2 BHK flat was avg & as most ppl mentioned open kitchen being a disadv. Loading of ~40%, price on builtup, addl costs etc being other disadv.

    6 Kms away from Kharghar Rly stn, Exclusive Info – 200m away from Taloja Jail!(exclusive as booklet does not have this info) WTF!

    Booking amt of 5 Lakhs, I suppose this is the most cruel idea ever implemented in a housing scheme meant of public welfare, CIDCO could have kept it 1 Lakh. Plus additional cost of Booklet & Application Forms of Rs.500 + Taxes, OMG! please stop milking the AAM AADMI, for a booking amt of 5 Lakhs atleast keep the forms free.

    Now the illogical part, MIG 2 BHK eligiblity is 62000 per month income that too take home. Now most of us interested in this projects are not High Net worth People with huge cash stockpiles, assets etc.

    So imagine a buyer with max take home salary of 62000, his loan eligiblity for 30 yrs tenure @10.15% will be around 40 Lakhs, but at 80% loan amount he has to pay 20% upfront i.e 11 – 12 Lakhs plus other charges around 3 lakhs so he has to pay 15 Lakhs from his own pocket. Now a person who is in age bracket of 27-30 yrs ,from where can he bring an amt of 15 Lakhs.

    Also note from above example, EMI for 40Lakhs for 30 Yrs @10.15 will be around 40000, so he has got only 22000 per month for other expenses which have to be only on bare essentials. Even your spouse’s income wont be helpful as you will not be eligible for MIG in that case as joint monthly income goes above 62000, so CIDCO is expecting you to live on 22000 per month in Navi Mumbai.

    For people with loan tenure of say 20 years the loan amt comes out to be 36 Lakhs, so again 20 – 24 Lakhs from own pocket & huge EMI of 42000.

    So in short how does CIDCO justify this criteria of Family Income Limit of Rs.62000 per month? Atleast it should have been income of applicant alone so that the spouse’s salary could take care of family expenses

    Lastly I have considered ideal scenario, just imagine what about people earning 30k to 50k per month, its way out of their reach.

    I would like to know your views on this.

  19. My name does not reflect in Lottery.

    When can I expect my deposited to be refunded.
    CIDCO should act fast, as every day counts on our interest !!

    Kindly respond immediately.

  20. Thanks, I has been allotted 2 BHK at Valley Ship
    Please inform us when is going to be start Aurtorishaw will be started from the Kharghar station to Valley Ship and any other transport facilities is available from the station. It is quite difficult any transport facilities from the kharhar station. When did road construction is completing from area of valley ship.
    Finally when is keys are handover to the applicant or allowed to individual flt

  21. I am one of the successful applicants of CIDCO’s ValleyShilp draw of Kharghar Sector 36. I have submitted my documents in the month of April 2014. I have not heard anything after submission of the documents. Can anyone here advice of the next step? Or did you get any correspondence subsequent to the submission of the documents? Please keep me posted. Thanks a ton :)

  22. Does anyone know what CIDCO is going to do for those houses that were allotted to someone but they are not willing to buy it now? I’m highly interested in buying HIG (3BHK). Please tell me if anyone knows.

  23. I have been allocated a 3BHK+1 servant room apartment here, total 1530sqft.
    Would like to sell the same.
    I have paid Rs.10 lacs as initial amount and am looking at getting the same back + some interest amount on it. As I am going to settle in some other city.
    interested candidates pls revert back.

    • You will not able to cell at least for 3 years…..It will take 3 years to develop the surrounding area such as metro etc…..Even after lottery 50 % flats are cancelled and hence unsold…..

  24. hi,
    Its very far from railway station, new metro station also 10 min far from project,no transport connectivity till date , same as private builders loading and market rates so where the diffrence is?

    CIDCO is a profitable constuction company as like private builders.

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